Diary: Web witter

On the alcopop WKD launching a new tongue-in-cheek social media campaign created by Elvis that follows the activity of a fictional former employee on the run (from Campaignlive).

- Rob Mortimer

This could be very good if the story, character and writing are well crafted. I hope it lives up to its promise.

- Neville Doyle

If they can make WKD seem less like a horrific brand, drunk solely by chavs and underage teens then they'll have pulled off a minor miracle ... however, that is a very, very big "if".

- Sarag Theodorou

Oh, Neville ... you forgot drunken idiot strawpedoing rugger buggers.

- Dara

Like all the comments here. Dara.

- Iain Morrison

If carefully managed, this'll no doubt have its funny moments. But the fact it's a stage-managed "fake" makes it feel forced. Were it a real employee (rogue or otherwise), facing real challenges offering the potential for deeper engagement, it'd get my vote. Perhaps one to watch ...

- Chris Worsley

Nothing, but nothing can ever, ever make any sane person decide to drink the stuff.

- gotnoteef

WKD looks like the b*astard child of Mad Dog 20:20 - another foul brew in bright colours. I'm with Mr Worsley.

- Iain Morrison

Even a free sample from a rather pretty young lass not wearing a great deal, chaps? C'mon, fluttering eyelashes and low-cut tops. You'd both give it a try ...