Diary: Web witter

On Dixons licensing the robot characters from Star Wars to feature in the first advertising campaign for its Currys and PC World Megastores (from Brand Republic).

- Reginald F*cksticks

Surely if any shop on Earth were to be called world's greatest, it would have to be Yodobashi Akiba, in Tokyo, Japan. Nine floors - more than 23,000 square meters - and full of tech, you'll be lucky to find in Currys in two years' time.

- Iain G Morrison

I do hope they carry this into the in-store and have C-3POs and R2-D2s to play with. Otherwise, it'll be www.wherecanigetitcheaperonline.com for most folk ...

- Dennis Vasilev

What is that slogan guys - Discover the Greatest Electrical store in Our galaxy!!! Every kid knows that this store is on Venus and is selling adult DVDs. What a misleading advert ...

- Chris Worsley

Can they replace the staff please?

- Iain G Morrison

Staff replacement with terribly polite C-3POs??? What a delightfully pleasant thought sir. Would you like the insurance with your purchase? I think you'll find it most useful ...

- Nicola Venn

These are not the washing machines you are looking for.

- Iain G Morrison

I'm not sure Nicola. The force is strong within this Zanussi twin-tub ...

- Grilla Login

Chewy is an inconsolable Bacca - he's here, eating my bananas + using my shoulder to blub on.