Diary: Web Witter

On Saatchi & Saatchi creating a new T-Mobile flashmob-style ad at Heathrow Terminal 5 (from Campaignlive).

- Iain G Morrison

T-Mobile aside, the best "welcome" I had at any international airport was in Fiji. Three men, little guitars, big smiles and a sing-song for everyone into the country. Put a smile on even the weariest traveller's face.

- Richard Hayter

I'm sure the viewing public will love it and (it) makes the brand feel big and established. But there's a bit of my brain that says, in a disappointed voice: "They've done this before."

- Richard Worrow

Let me guess the next execution in this campaign. Will it be a flashmob?

- Susan Imgrund

It's more like a BA ad from the early 90s.

- Paul Roberts

Amazing that the brand team think running it across 80 channels at once is something consumers would really care about. With it running to three minutes, even if they do notice it on other channels, it will simply annoy them. In this day and age, I want to notice a good ad, not have it following me around a schedule. No doubt an internal e-mail will do the rounds at T-Mobile raving about this media first ... NOT.

- Megan Gaffney

You know what, I have just seen the ad and it actually put a smile on my face. They're aiming it at the mass audience and I think it really connects. I think they have hit the nail on the head with their brief. Yes, it's similar to something done before, but they've taken an old ad and put a twist on it. Well done, Saatchi & Saatchi!