Diary: Web witter

On Halifax reversing its recent decision to abandon a review of its £25 million ad account and going back into talks with agencies (from Campaignlive).

- Fabien Mosquito

Wow. These guys look like they really know what they're doing. Naaaaahhht.

- Matthew Malcom

Shame. Every time this ad comes on TV, I have to punch myself repeatedly in the face until I'm unconscious and safe from this abortion. Looks like I'll have no let up. If they get any worse, I may start setting myself alight.

- Kevin Dillon

I hope the girl who sings "ISA ISA baby" never works again. How can the delivery of one simple line cause my stomach to spasm?

- Richard Hayter

The current campaign really has lost its way. They're right to look for a new strategy. And fast.

- Bispeed Black

http://no-bullshit-blog.blogspot.com/2010/10/high-five-no- thanks.html.

- Daniel Jeffries

Horrendous way to treat the incumbent, but they do need to rethink their strategy as Richard said. You've got to imagine there is more to the story than we are reading here as no brand would want to be associated with treating their agencies with such contempt. Someone screwed the pooch and this is the result.

- Sue Turner

How can they imagine that they can have a mutually trusting working relationship with DLKW after this?

- Andy Knell

What's worse - the 'quality' of these ads or the behaviour of the client? Tough call.