Diary: Web witter

On complaints over a shot of a kennel-bound dog in the snow from John Lewis' Christmas ad, leading the retailer to cut the scene from the 30-second, but not the 60-second, version (from Campaignlive).

- Daniel Northcote-Smith

My God. Dog-lovers are so mental. And they seem unaware of the fact that dogs are descended from animals that live outside. In fact, that particular dog is an Irish wolfhound, bred to hunt wolves in all weathers. What a pain.

- Chris Worsley

What a farce! There is nothing to complain about. The dog has a kennel and is absolutely fine. People who mollycoddle dogs cause far more harm by confusing them. Dogs are still an inch from being wolves, they are quite happy that way. In fact, they thrive on it.

- Heather How

Interesting point of view. We too are descended from animals that lived outside. How would you like to live outside in the snow now? Irish wolfhounds hunt outside in all weather, yes, but having owned one, I can tell you that they don't like to be left out in sub-zero temperatures. The kennel the dog has is too small for its breed, it has no door to keep the weather out and no raised bed to keep the cold from the dog. Also, dogs are pack animals and do not thrive left on their own for long periods. Wolves, by the way, are also pack animals. This ad has been complained about not just by "mental" dog-lovers but also by registered animal organisations that deal with neglect and abuse on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps you should volunteer for one of those and spend a day in their company in the winter and see if your opinions change.