Diary: Web Witter

On the new McDonald's TV campaign for the limited edition Festive Menu by Leo Burnett (from Campaignlive).

- Me

Am I the only person who started self-harming five seconds into this?

- Sue Turner

What they should have done is let their "real customers" make up their own service orders to the tunes of Christmas carols. Especially customers going in and out of football grounds. Now that would have been funny ... and real.

- Isthere anybodythere?

Lung cancer admissions have dropped substantially since the tobacco industry was led kicking and screaming to the sacrificial altar - so why are fast food giants being allowed to greatly contribute to this nation's waistline?

- Greig Dowling

It's coming up to Christmas, why don't we add a Christmas jingle to our ad - genius ... It's a bit dull and I do agree with Sue, it should have done some proper crowd-sourcing - tied into some social/competition thing to drive uptake on particular products. Sorry guys, not very imaginative

- Iain G Morrison

Peter Kay would have been more at home here than at Marks & Spencer, surely???

- Isthere anybodythere?

I presume that this ad is aimed at the lowest mentality sector ... it is puke personified. There seems to be no creativity or originality. It's cringingly bad, which is good news for those struggling with obesity or fatty food blocked arteries - it hopefully will highlight the transparency of the image and encourage healthy eating advice!