Diary: Web Witter

On Luke Johnson, the former chairman of Channel 4, branding Google 'profoundly unethical' and 'monstrous' (from Brand Republic).

- Robin Caller

My question is: why did the UK government do "nothing" when Google breached UK law? I believe they accepted an "apology". Why?

- Kristian Claxton

Anyone would think paying as little tax as possible would be a bad business decision.

- Ed Hockey

This is fine, to a point, but Google is not alone in targeting people based on their interests, so that is a pretty weak argument. You could surely level the same point at C4, by saying that it bombards you with ads matched to your interests, based on the TV shows you are watching.

- Margarit Ralev

Every big corporation has its own pros and cons. Especially every monopolist. If you ask me, Mr Johnson should start writing about British Petroleum - because it's got a lot more cons!

- Kristian Claxton

Also, why focus on Google? Let's look closer to home - for example, Sir Philip Green and his wife's tax arrangement. Also, C4 targets users with ads with their permission and is based on their viewing habits of C4 content, which is much less intrusive than searching through people's personal e-mails.

- Anthony Agarrat

Just got off the phone with Google's chairman and he said, and I quote: "Channel who?"

- Gotnoteef

Watch the media circle round 'em like the kids at school, making sure no-one gets out until there's blood on the playground.