Diary: Web Witter

On a print campaign by Publicis Dialog and Publicis Blueprint to rebrand marriage for She magazine, portraying marriage as 'sticking a finger up at the world'.

- David Fitzsimons

It's a rip-off of Sarah Jessica Parker's film poster for The Family Stone, which ripped off something else.

- David Fitzsimons

I think they even pulled this movie poster because of legal action as a similar image had been used on a book cover. http://www.impawards.com/2005/family_stone.html

- David Fitzsimons

Also check out The Meaning Of Wife by Anne Kingston.

- Sue Turner

This is very mixed up.

- Jo Bloggs

If people start getting married because of advertising, then there really is no hope for us.

- Sue Turner

Jo, there's never, ever been hope for some of us ...

- Nikk Sylvian

Is it a problem that people aren't getting married? Or more likely they don't stay together when they are married? What does this want me to do? Other than f*ck off for something I have or haven't done.

- Stanley

So not only does it not make any sense, it's completely unoriginal whilst not making any sense. Lulz.

- Soap Box

I find it all 'most unpleasant and very scary' :)