Diary: Web Witter

On Pfizer looking for an agency to handle a pan-European advertising campaign for its Viagra brand (from Campaignlive).

- MS

Predict it's going to be a hard, in-depth, process. Beat that.

- K D Adamson

Competition will no doubt be stiff ...

- Brian George

Gosh, it'll be a brave agency that actually faces up to that task. I mean, who'd want to plan, write or create, and what about market research?

- Brian George

Sorry, another thought. Would experiential have a roll to play?

- Brian George

And what about brand activation?

- Chris Worsley

Brian - not sure sure whether experiential would have a roll to play but I am sure role-playing would. Next please.

- Sue Turner

Will they measure up to the task? Only asking.

- Iain G Morrison

We could dust down the old.xxx pitch deck? When it comes to innuendo, we can surely nail JWT and its pretend blue pills ...

- Gotnoteef

Hard one. Pharma ads always raise significant issues and GPs/medical professionals can be a difficult market to penetrate. The winning agency will certainly have to raise its game - if the creative isn't up to task, it'll be hard to swallow. OK, that's me done - I'm off for a fag and a bit of a nap.