Diary: Web Witter

On the new animated TV spot for Honda, 'this unpredictable life', by Wieden & Kennedy (from Campaignlive).

- Nikk Sylvian

Oh. Hello. I've just finished watching an ad. I kinda feel the same about everything as I did before I watched it ... What was it for again?

- Jo Bloggs

Starts off nice, but ends up reminding me of a Lloyds TSB ad. But for a car, not a bank.

- Soap Box

Starts off nicely, but how can Honda predict all that life throws at us?

- Murray Laidlaw

I thought it was awful, it might be very clever but ... Honda has had some really good ads but this one is a stinker.

- Kat Trimble

Ah, another sweet little ad with tiny people floating about and a Mogadon VO. I'm kinda slow so can you make it real easy for me? Yawn. What is a Honda person like? Are they a bit dopey?

- Rob Mortimer

It's nice. Not as spectacular as previous Honda ads but, given the target audience, I don't think that's such a bad thing. Nice iPhone app too.

- Richard Mathewson

It's the Jessica Simpson of advertising. Absolutely no idea but looks nice.

- Jo Bloggs

Hmmm ... this unpredictable life, of getting married, having two kids and buying a people carrier. What an unpredictable life.

- John Crain

OK, I know life is not predictable. But one thing's for sure: I predict I won't drive a Honda. Ad lovely, but does not marry the brand.