Diary: Web Witter

On Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's new online ad for Guinness that educates men on how to prepare for St Patrick's Day (from Campaignlive).

Odette Brightmore

Class in a glass!

Brian George

Brilliant, a real send-up. Well done, Guinness and AMV. Rarely put a foot wrong and continuing tradition of some great Guinness ads.

Fabien Mosquito

Complete rip-off of Look Around You. Feels like another brand, not sure which one, but nothing about the tone or execution says Guinness to me. Fail.

Sue Turner

Fabien is right. But the majority won't get that. So it'll work.

Andy Reid-McGlinn

For a Look Around You "spoof", I'm surprised (and disappointed) that they didn't work in a made-up word that sounds real.

Anthony Agarrat

People are usually very critical on here, to the extent that your grandmother's advice of not saying anything if you do not have anything good to say frequently comes to mind. That said, I wonder how much the 'surfer' ad - last century, if you are asking - still influences people's perceptions of everything else which comes out for the brand. This is far closer to the standard of webuyanycar.com than 'surfer', regardless of the impossibly high standard set.

Sue Turner

I value your opinions, Anthony.