Diary: Web Witter

On TBWA's 'hello boys' billboard for Wonderbra being voted the best poster ad ever created, in Campaign's Outdoor Hall of Fame, held in association with the Outdoor Media Centre (from Campaignlive).

Kevin Jones

It would have made a pretty good banner ad too.

Sue Turner

It was great. But the best? Not by a long chalk.

April Feeney

You can't beat a good poster. It's a fantastic medium. Possibly the best test of creativity and planning working together. Now if we could only get clients to do more!

Victoria Thurlby

It's the age-old phenomenon - sex sells!

Anthony Agarrat

Does the poster seem far more timid now than it did then to anyone else? Is this a reflection of the amount of provocative images we are now exposed to every day, or simply the decrease in testosterone coursing through my body?

Mike Baker

Small point but people were actually voting to choose the best 100 from around 240 shortlisted. Very pleased with the level of engagement with this competition - 100,000 page views and nearly 11,000 votes cast.

Chris Worsley

Always good to have two strong messages ...

Soap Box

Voted by adMEN.

Jo Bloggs

No fucking way is this the best-ever poster. It's the best-ever poster for Wonderbra, I'll give it that.