Diary: Web witter

On the latest BT ad, 'wedding reveal', by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO (from Campaignlive).

Brian George

Actually surprisingly reasonably OKish, except for tedious couple. Why on earth does the guy look demented and the girl as if she's sat in something nasty? Grilla Login

He is + she has, is why, Brian.

Sue Turner

These two make me want to punch them ...

and then go to any provider other than BT. Well done.

Dolly Clackett

When he left My Family he was in a cheap World War 1 horror film called Deathwatch. Which this is, quite frankly.

Jo Bloggs

I was just sick all over my BT telephone so now it doesn't frickin' work. Thanks BT.

John Calver

I really wonder how much the UK is empathising with this couple. From the very beginning, the Adam and Jane ads have been devoid of any genuine emotion or engagement. Dull, dull, dull.


I think you're all missing something here: perhaps it's a heart or perhaps it's someone to hold you at night. I'm not sure but it's much better than any of you hackneyed old adfolk think.

Grilla Login

R u including me Frumafret23?

Sue Turner

Frumafret23. The absence of the sound of another's snores is preferable to being entwined with that long streak of p*ss.


You should consider it Sue. Maybe another's snores is what you need to get rid of the cobwebs.