Diary: Web Witter

On the latest Cadbury ad from its Glass and a Half Full Productions series featuring dancing clothes in a charity shop (from Campaignlive).

- Reddick

Scary. In a clown sort of way.

- Chris Barraclough

But at various points in the film, you can see the little feet of the small people dancing inside the clothes ... so it becomes "small people in funny clothes dancing" rather than the "clothes dancing". Surely, in these days of sophisticated CGI, they could have produced the real thing?

- Nikk Sylvian

I applaud not resorting to CGI. But it still feels like a dull music video.

As this campaign - and all Cadbury's future advertising - will be judged against "gorilla", you have to say it doesn't come close. No emotional fish-hooks whatsoever.

- Rob Mortimer

It's certainly better at expressing joy than the last ad, but it does suffer from being a little creepy. Nice choice of music, but a colleague here was saying that the dancing feels dated and old-fashioned, and not in a good way.

- Grilla Login

Rob, that's because it's mums' and dads' clothes that are doing the dancing.

- Jo Bloggs

Nikk: you can't compare these ads with "gorilla". It's like comparing all modern music with The Beatles. Pointless. Taken as an ad in its own right, I enjoyed it. And I quite like the feet.

- Sue Turner

It does nothing for me. It stinks of "what can we do next?"