Diary: Web witter

On the OAA's decision to pull Beta's controversial 'career women make bad mothers' ad for Britain Thinks.

Angry Career Woman 06.01.2010

The OAA pulls the ad and apologises - and quite right too. Beta, on the other hand, has issued solicitors letters to Mumsnet. Huffing and puffing that they would like to be compensated for the hurt, corporate loss and reputational damage. There's irony in there somewhere.

Jayne Marar 07.01.2010

Am I missing something ... or ... the point of using outdoor is to drive people who aren't already online to the site. The posters have to be controversial, as the whole site is about 'controversial debate'. It doesn't matter if we agree or disagree with the statement, as it's all about discussion.

Angry Career Woman 08.01.2010

Beta have now apologised and the legal actions have, it seems, been halted. They've offered an olive branch by asking us to help design a non-sexist advert. So, thank you very much Beta. From a mollified career woman. (PS Jayne - you are indeed missing something. I hope you never geddit, in a way. Because if you don't, then it must signify that women are no longer being judged wanting in the workplace, that there genuinely is equality of opportunity ... and so on.)

Jayne Marar 08.01.2010

Dear ACW, thanks for your advice, but I'm not as young or naive as you think I am. You had every reason to be upset, as I said we're all entitled to an opinion. What I'd question is the way you went about putting your point of view across, which as a woman, I found disappointing.