Diary: Web witter

- On the new Lynx mobile apps

Paul Tagent

Has there ever been any market research as to what girls actually think of the smell of Lynx? I like their marketing, but the products ming!

Paul Skelton

Agreed, Paul. Marketing so much better than the product. Yuk.

Faustino B

I thought advertising wasn't allowed to imply that a product would make you more attractive to the opposite sex? How does Lynx get away with it?

Anthony Agarrat

Paul Tagent - I am assuming that the people who buy Lynx are still 11- to 15-year-olds, the majority of whom are not getting in anywhere, let alone there. You would think that as there is a first generation of Lynx users who are now in their thirties, they would point out to teenage brothers, nephews and sons that Lynx smells like shit.

- On Adam Crozier's appointment as ITV's chief executive.


A glutton for punishment.

Martin Media

Brilliant appointment. C4 goes safe with Abraham. Crozier is exactly the kind of out-of-the-box person that ITV needs. Not afraid to make tough calls and has a bit of media background. Most of all, he's not part of the ITV old-school and the Carlton/Granada era. New broom, new ideas, new growth for ITV. Expect some M&A activity. ITV won't be the same in three years.

Dean Turney

Isn't ITV in bad enough shape already?