Diary: Web witter

On the new London Weekly paper ...

- Seth Jacobson

That's a good start, a typo slap bang in the middle of the front page of your first issue (Phil Tufnel). Someone tell me this is a joke.

- John M

"Got any news story?" Nice.

- Iain Morrison

"The light hearted paper for light hearted Londoners"? Speechless. Something tells me a stint at the London Weekly isn't going to appear on too many people's CV. Nor do I expect it will turn up as a serious recommendation on too many media plans either ...

- Maisie Jones

It's shocking they could make a mistake on the front page like that and ignore hyphens for compound adjectives, and have such poor design and ... I could go on all day!

- Nicola Clark

This must be some kind of spoof.

On Beattie McGuinness Bungay's new Yorkshire Tea campaign ...

- Martin media

Must be one heck of a cuppa!

- Jonathan Harris

Wow, this is bad.

- Brian George

Awful concept, not sure if it will do anything for YT, lacking in the humour and spontaneity of the PG ad, but I guess that's what happens when you wear clogs and say "eh by gum!"

- Grilla Login


- Peter Shuttleworth

I think they must have been watching the Gold Blend ads for reference on this one.