Diary: Web Witter

On Droga5's Valentine's viral 'hard chorus' for Puma.

- James Walters

On paper, it sounds like a good idea, but having seen this lot, I'm thinking of running. Bad execution. Surprised having seen the results they put this out there. Wouldn't want it associated with my brand.

- John Turner

I love it. I think that is the idea - hard men singing a cheesy love song. Genius.

- Ad cruncher

Agree with James. I think it's shockingly executed. They just look like the sort of twats you'd avoid and it's too predictable - oh look ... there's the old timer with cap in corner. Nice idea. V poorly directed.

- James Walters

There are two very strategically black faces in the crowd. I feel for them. I'm guessing they must be the actors.

And on this week's Pick of the Week (see below).

- Craig Wood

Not sure how this ad could be any better. You don't feel any empathy for the main character as he goes about his business during the day behaving like this, yet you recognise the behaviours inside the ground and are used to turning a blind eye.Will get noticed and talked about.

- Steve Mulholland

Good to see a piece of work which makes people feel uncomfortable. I suspect people will be fumbling to lower their computer volumes when they view. I only hope that morons like the main character will look in the mirror and wake up. Great piece from the Wharf!