Diary: Web witter

On this week's Turkey.

Brian George

OK, I'm confused as to why a guy would be staring at his wife's dancing jeans that she could have bought if only!! Surely it should be the other way around. I'm also confused as to how this really says anything for Confused.com, other than they're losing the race against the meerkat and opera singer.

Grilla Login

Confusedbyconfused.com. I can sell you the domain, Mr George. Interested?

Matthew Malcolm

Confused? This nearly made my head combust.

Grilla Login

Directed by Einstein, go figure!

On Doritos' new crowdsourcing campaign.

Paul Tagent

Nothing really new in this strategy ie. encouraging and incentivising consumer participation. I would be interested to see what results or ROI this type of campaign has vs brand alignment with a celeb like Gary Lineker for Walkers.

Greg Pipe

The cynical side of me thinks that user-generated advertising like this sounds like another way for clients to get ideas without having to pay for them. Do I hear the words "creative pitch" anyone?

James Newman

Nothing new in this strategy?? I think you'll find involving consumers in being part of a brand's activity is still considered fairly new. And powerful. The last time Doritos did this, it saw a considerable uplift in sales. And lots more fans of Doritos. Standard cynical comments from ad execs who still think old "command and control" works.