Diary: Web Witter

On news that psychiatrists are calling for a mark to identify airbrushed ads.

- John Lush

I'd like to see altered images banned, though realise this will never be the case. The talent of a good photographer using the light etc has been overtaken by the computer artist and his retouching skills.

- Sam Lempriere

I think this is crazy. Why doesn't everyone just assume ALL marketing model images are retouched - because they are. Go back a few years and ask magazine photographers if they manipulated an image in a darkroom - they would say yes. Image processing has just moved from darkroom to computer.

- Eoghan O'Neill

I'm not sure there'll be many people turning to eating disorders or greasy face products as a result of seeing David Cameron's smooth, baby-soft digital mug. I could be wrong ...

- Karen Ng

I think that's a brilliant idea. Cynics that say no haven't experienced first hand the problems that low self-esteem can cause. Low self-esteem is clearly exacerbated by continuous displays of "perfect" models, showcased by every item available on the high street.

- Dave Reading

If people cannot work out that images may be manipulated, Coke doesn't make your life better, The Cosby Show isn't Bill Cosby's real life, Scooby Doo didn't really solve mysteries, then they have failed at life. I am against explaining every challenge or illusion in the world. If you get emotional problems from looking at a poster of an airbrushed actor, then having a little Kitemark is not going to help you.

You really have more deep rooted problems.

Shock horror, advertising may not be 100% the truth.