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On GQ creating a concept car.

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Zoo + Nuts ... what's the betting their concept car would have huge bumpers?

Gotnoteef ... and have gull-wing doors, so even fat 'tards can get inside nice and easy.

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Hey gotnoteef - the Gordon Brown concept car: performs constant U-turns and has a moody interior that frightens secretaries. Your turn ...

- Andrew McCormick

I'll join in Grilla. The BBC car: high cost, not as good as the last model, no digital radio.


The Labour Party concept car: speeds away from home, deserting the family and clings to the middle of the road with scant regard for the health of those around it.

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The Cameron concept car: smooth exterior (possibly airbrushed); airbags in rear (Hague and Pickles); paintwork, a fetching shade of Blairite, which is a similar shade to Thatcherism. How'm I doin?


Sweet ...

Lib Dems concept car: remains on drawing board - no need to actually finalise design!

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The Green Party concept car: fitted with a cloaking device that makes it invisible to the human eye.

- John Lush

If Dylan Jones wanted something practical, cool and idiosyncratic, why did he go to Citroen? Surely he must be aware his readers wouldn't be seen dead in a Citroen.

- David Bowie

Well that ruined the fun.