Diary: Web Witter

On the new Paddy Power ad that has been pulled over concerns it will cause offence.

- Jessica Summerfield

It seems fine to me. I know nothing about betting but it made me laugh.

- Brian George

I have to agree that this ad, while having a 'black humour' to it, is more than a bit tasteless. I'd also suggest that the link with a bookmaker is somewhat tenuous. I wonder what BBH's approach was - creatively way better than this I'd have thought!

- Gary Hoff

I don't get it. I thought the owner of the restaurant was going to bet on who was going to win the wheelchair race.

- Jim Ferron

Offensive - on the grounds of being lame, clumsy and patronising to the viewer.

- Brian George

OK, so I guess this must be a prime candidate for Turkey of the Week!

- Jessica Summerfield

It's good to see an ad which depicts people with disabilities in a non-patronising way. And the message is pretty clear to someone like me who has no understanding of how betting works - it's a cashback offer on bets. Some clearly need everything spelt out in BIG letters.

- Jessica Summerfield

And what's not to like about an ad with a Frank Skinner lookalike sporting a magnificent mullet?

- Matthew Malcom

Dreadful. Really, really dreadful.

- Jessica Summerfield

It's not dreadful and it's not the world's best ad. Let's avoid being overly dramatic about it.

- Grilla Login

33/1 or 1 outta 33?