Diary: Web witter

On the Saatchi & Saatchi viral predicting the death of traditional ad agencies (from Campaignlive).

- Neil Hopkins

I wonder if S&S are including themselves in this? The impression I'm getting is that the ad agency is full of people with no new ideas, no new approaches and unwilling to change their ways. It's a sad view.

- Brian George

Goodness me, as if anyone needs any more doom and gloom, although arguably a key point, not especially about embracing digital, I guess we all know (or should know) about that, but more about the lack of fresh new 'smart-ar*e' ideas! I mean given the huge changes in tech etc, why are there so few genuinely new ideas, or great ads?

- Richard Hedges

And the medium this traditional ad agency uses, to deliver the message of how much they get it that "the TV script is dead"? A 120-second "film". You couldn't make it up.

- Alastair Duncan

I'm not sure I'd brief them, even if they were actually the last advertising agency on earth ...

- Mike Fromowitz

Have Saatchi themselves evolved? Aren't they part of one of those large advertising behemoths? Still making their big dollars dollars dollars on TV, newspapers, magazines, outdoor, radio.

- Chris Arnold

Bad idea. Badly written. Terrible voiceover. Badly produced. The person who wrote this has an anger problem. They're obviously a bitter, twisted person who couldn't get a job in advertising. It's an outdated view of agencies. Ad agencies aren't ignorant, they have changed with the times.