Diary: Web witter

On Ryanair plans to implement a £1 charge for using the toilet (from Brand Republic).

Chris Arnold - I think Ryanair will be a dead brand very soon. They do everything possible to anger users. They only survive because of cheap prices and expect the public to put up with being treated like cattle.

Richard Hayter - I hope you're right, Chris. It feels like Michael O'Leary is running some kind of terrible social experiment to see just how much people will take before they refuse to fly with them.

FP - Taking the piss, surely?

Richard Worrow - I'm not sure about only having one toilet. I'd be in there for at least half an hour getting my money's worth.

Grilla Login - "Top-of-the-morning to you ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Should you be wanting me to speak any further, I'll be needing your credit card details."

Patrick Danaher at GyroHSR - I hope people refuse to pay and end up wetting themselves and in turn their seats ... try to sell the seat then, Ryanair. You bring shame to humanity.

Andy Knell - Perhaps they should sell Ryanair adult nappies as a handy alternative.

Chris Betley - Low price should not equate to an acceptance of even lower quality in customer treatment. I guess the demand must still be there to allow such a ridiculous suggestion as this "toilet tax". Me, I'd rather pay a little more and be treated like a proper human being.