Diary: Weiland will not make cuts to please the locals

Paul Weiland thinks he'll never see a thing as lovely as a tree. Especially if it's a great leylandii that screens you from the modern housing estate built uncomfortably close to your country pile.

Sadly, neighbours of the man who has directed more than 500 commercials, as well Blackadder and Mr Bean, in his 20-year career don't share his enthusiasm. They want the 40-foot giants cut down to size. Weiland says he will, but only if the neighbours stump up the £8,000 to have the job done.

This has gone down like a lead balloon with those who live close to Weiland's £5 million 18th century Belcombe Court estate in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire.

They are asking their local council to use new laws to force him to trim the trees down to six-and-a-half feet at his own expense, claiming Weiland's monsters obscure their views and block their light.

Weiland claims he's already chopped the trees down twice and they will die if they are trimmed back to six feet.

Sounds like a cunning plan is needed to resolve this one.

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