Diary: Welsh Tourist Board to take on 'Blind Date' role

Matchmaking media and creative agencies for a pitch is usually a job that is best left to the clients, but the Welsh Tourist Board has opted to disregard convention and has decided to break the mould for its latest review.

The marketing managers at the tourist board have adopted the somewhat novel approach of asking the media agencies to call up creative shops themselves in order to engineer a creative love-match.

The Welsh Tourist Board handed the agencies a list of approved shops and, without a wingman in sight, the tentative media heads had to pick up their BlackBerries and mobiles and make the first move.

Diary is interested to know how this cold-calling technique will work, and what the media agencies will say. The "Hi, I was given your number by a Welshman, want to pair up?" line might not be the most ideal approach to adopt.