Diary: They weren't asking you for your dream job, Lucy

Diary thought it had stumbled upon a scoop this weekend when flicking through The Sunday Times' Style supplement.

An article on fashionable work-wear featured the familiar face of DDB's Lucy Jameson, and although it was no great surprise that the stylish planning supremo likes to splurge on the odd Missoni or Diane von Furstenberg number, it appeared she had more to reveal than just her wardrobe choices, with the Times listing her job title as "executive strategy director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty".

DDB's chief executive, Stephen Woodford, can't have been too worried, though, as some tell-tale signs in the photo, such as DDB's Volkswagen print ads and its Harvey Nichols work, revealed Jameson hadn't secretly switched sides.

However, she did admit to getting her assistant to bike over her favourite pair of Jigsaw platforms for a big pitch. Surely it's big brains, not big heels, that clients are after?