Diary: Whelan must feel like a Cat who's got the cream

For the men out there who don't read the pages of Glamour with all the dedication and attention to detail of a priest giving his first sermon: a newsflash from the television presenter Cat Deeley, whose boyfriend is Mark Whelan, the creative director of the branded content and PR outfit Cake.

Deeley gives a full and frank interview in the current issue of the miniature mag in which she goes into great depth on how she's achieved her new figure (yoga, if you're interested) and reveals more than a few titbits about her fella in the process.

According to Glamour, Deeley's other half, 38, is "a PR guru, and rather handsome". He's also a bit of a dark horse. According to Deeley, he "used to be a bad boy, but these days is a lot more mellow". He does, she confesses, keep her on her toes, though.

We'll let Deeley take up the story: "He's ten years older than me and very smart and he's introduced me to things that weren't in my realm."

After-dinner debates at the Solus Club? The inside line on the IPA Effectiveness Awards? Surely not a ticket to the Precision Marketing Awards. Mark, you're really spoiling her.

- Private View, page 40.