Diary: When Tupperware was the only Twitter in town

Remember those days when a Tupperware party was about as close to social networking as you could get and Twittering was something budgies did?

Marksteen Adamson does. So much so that he's set up a campaign to recreate this age of innocence - albeit briefly.

A founder of the brand and marketing agency ASHA, Adamson has established "letter me", which aims to help people "detox" from social networking sites for 42 days. And to get the campaign off the ground, he's offering free "letter me" stickers.

"Use them on the letters you send out to people who really are your friends," he advises.

Adamson is doing his bit by abstaining from Facebook, which he describes as "an empty place of meaningless thoughts and random flirts with danger. A space to show-off, gloat and goad."