Diary: When Wight left his brain in a lunchbox

Robin Wight can often be found first thing in the morning enjoying breakfast at The Wolseley while pitching his theories on the brain to wide-eyed clients.

And perhaps the prospect of such a lecture was the reason why, Diary hears, a client failed to show up for a recent breakfast meeting at the restaurant with The Engine Group and WCRS president.

But, so the saying goes, as one door closes, another one opens. And just as Wight was on his way out, who should he spot but Sarah Gold, CHI & Partners' managing partner, with Euan Sutherland, the chief executive of the UK division of Kingfisher, which owns B&Q, whose ac-count is currently up for pitch. Or that's who Wight thought Gold's companion was, after being introduced by her. However, Wight obviously misheard, as he was, in fact, in the presence of the not-too-similarly-sounding Ewan Paterson, CHI's executive creative director.

But then not everyone is as instantly recognisable as the flamboyant ad veteran - after all, how many diners wear a green suit with purple patent shoes and carry a replica brain and a peacock feather in a bright orange oversized lunchbox?

Anyway, Wight, believing himself to be faced with a potential client, proceeded to pitch WCRS and Engine to Paterson and even handed him a signed copy of the agency's booklet before making for the exit.

Quite what Paterson made of it all, one can only imagine. Perhaps playing along in order to discover WCRS's pitch secrets crossed his mind.