Diary: Why McBride departure scares industry witless

Forget the threat of digital agencies, the steady decline in the fates of traditional ad agencies and the thorny issue of remuneration. The question du jour occupying most advertising headspace across the Atlantic is "what in God's name does Chuck McBride mean?" with his cryptic statement at the end of his viral video.

The former TBWA\Chiat\Day creative announces his departure and the launch of his new shop, an Omnicom-backed start-up called Cutwater, with a viral depicting the bloody massacre of TBWA\Chiat\Day staff.

McBride's magnum opus - which can be viewed at youtube.com/watch?v=IPMvbKXdrAo - follows a member of staff (although it could be a prospective client) as they wander through the agency and stumble across a series of bludgeoned, bloodied corpses. The trail of carnage leads to McBride's office, where he is seen cradling a gore-spattered award.

McBride, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a beardless Chuck Norris, both facially and in the method by which he despatches his victims, then gnomically utters the immortal line: "Relax, everything's going to be OK."

Anyone with a reading of the film is welcome to share their thoughts with Diary.