Diary: Wideboy Wnek loves the links round his neck

When it comes to bringing you revelations about the private lives of adland's rich and famous, Diary spares no expense. And to prove it, we shelled out three quid for the latest Grand Designs to give you a guided tour of Mark Wnek's pad.

What do you mean you'd rather have your fingernails pulled out with pliers?

Is that any way to thank the chairman and chief creative officer of Lowe New York for letting us marvel at the transformation of his Victorian London labyrinth into a family home?

As the mag explains, there is more to this interior design lark than "throwing a few cushions on a sofa". Indeed there is: a large supply of cash, for a start. Thankfully, it seems to have been a real labour of love for the designer, Sue Timney, who describes Wnek and his wife, Sally, as "a very contemporary couple who love entertaining".

Diary has just one word of advice for Wnek. When you've spent a packet, don't pose in your new kitchen looking like a chav with a fat chain around your neck. You don't want people thinking you've been shopping at Argos.