Diary: Wieden & Kennedy team shows off altruistic spirit

Moving away from the usual tales of smut, filth and decadence, Diary is pleased to bring you a story of selflessness and altruism.

Rather than spend their International Andy Awards prize money, which they won for creating Honda "cog", on an exotic holiday to Thailand, Ben Walker and Matt Gooden decided to donate their £10, 000 to a better cause.

Marking the agency's first foray into product design, the creative team asked a bunch of Bucks College design students to spend a day in the agency. The students were then asked to come up with ideas for a product that reflected the Wieden & Kennedy culture and the area they work in.

The ideas range from fun and frivolous to downright ingenious. For those of you who are fed up with colleagues making you tea that doesn't look dissimilar to rat's piss, there's a "pantene" tea cup with a colour-coded system highlighting the difference between weak and builders' strength tea.

If you've ever told your kids not to play with their knife and fork, there's now "horticultery" (cutlery in the shape of garden tools) so they can do just that, and finally a milk jug in the shape of a cow's udders, complete with milkable teets.

Any profits from the venture will be ploughed back into doing the same thing next year. So get voting at www.w10k.com.