DIARY: Wight does battle with Regent Street masses on Vodafone front line

While adland rarely bats an eyelid at the erratic behaviour of

WCRS's chairman, Robin Wight, members of the general public do not have

the luxury of prior knowledge of his, ahem, little eccentricities.

So when Wight, on one of his famous whims, decided to get first-hand

knowledge of his agency's Vodafone business by launching himself on an

unsuspecting store in Regent Street, there were more than a few raised


Wight, who'd dispensed with the regulatory bow tie as he mixed with

Regent Street's hoi polloi, doubtless confused more than a few cornered

tourists as he waxed lyrical about the benefits of third- generation

mobile phones with his typical unswerving enthusiasm.

"I always believe that if you want to know what's going on, you need to

go to the front line - but I've never worked behind a counter before,"

he gushes. Really, you do surprise us.

Wight took up the gauntlet of the sales challenge with typical gusto and

rather impressively acquainted himself with the product offerings and

price plans before trying to flog hundreds of pounds worth of equipment

to the doubtlessly nonplussed punters. Pity the poor students who had

picked the wrong day to wander innocently into the store. "They'd only

come in to ask how to work their voicemail," one observer tittered.

Although Wight didn't receive any formal training, experience with his

own mobile proved handy with one particular enquiry.

"I whipped my phone out and demonstrated all its functions," he


His magic touch sealed the deal and, hey presto, one happy customer. "I

didn't get any commission though," he rues.

Still, we're sure that Vodafone can doubtless benefit from the three

pages of suggestions he left them on ways to increase the average

revenue per user.

So what's next for Vodafone's Salesman of the Month? "Next I'm going to

the customer service centre," he enthuses.

"Whether I'll be able to answer the phone remains to be seen though," he


Ye Gads, Wight let loose in there? The mind truly boggles.


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