Diary: Wight's in the thick of it

While "bigotgate" was fresh in people's minds last week, Robin Wight was pretty pleased with himself that he was the first to use the affair in an ad campaign, posting it immediately on his "a voice from 2015" Tweet poster sites.

Fortunately, today will see the end of all that petty point-scoring, schoolboy humour posters and constant poll-taking. But while Diary will breathe a sigh of relief when the election is over, some of the parties' online tactics have been quietly amusing us.

If "conservative manifesto 2010" is searched for in Google, the top result you'll come across is, in fact, a Labour website link - one of the few savvy moves made by the Prime Minister during the course of the election campaign. But never one to miss a trick, David Cameron and the Conservatives retaliated by buying up a sponsored link in the right-hand column when searching the equivalent for Labour.

Perhaps most amusing, though, was that, for a time, the sponsored links for the candidate names had all been taken by Ann Summers, the kinky lingerie retailer. As if the politicians weren't already well-versed enough in making a boob of themselves.