Diary: 'Will you be 'avin' it off?' Freeday Friday, that is

This year is a leap year, and as many of adland's bean counters are realising, staff won't be getting an extra cent for an additional day's hard toil on Friday 29 February.

So, if you're a client, don't be surprised if you struggle to get your accounts serviced because adland is taking a stand against free labour with a mixed bag of alternatives.

While Fallon is giving the entire agency a day off, M&C Saatchi has opted to send its staff on an all-day charity walk for ten miles across central London.

But the award for most laboured effort of all goes to Sell! Sell!. The London hotshop has probably wasted a few days already by making a Chas & Dave-style music video called "Are you 'avin' it off?" to encourage everyone to skive off this Friday. Type "Freeday Friday" into YouTube to see the action.