Diary: Will JWT celebrate board expansion with a toast?

Diary finds itself pondering the old line about the number of chefs and their adverse effect on the quality of the Vichyssoise when it hears news of the additions to the JWT London board of directors.

Either Alison Burns, the new chief executive of JWT, is bent on turning the agency into the kind of free love hippy commune made famous by the once hemp-clad folk at St Luke's, or there is a darker motive behind the recent nomination of 21 new members to the JWT board. Surely directorships are not being handed out in a desperate attempt to bolster staff morale?

If it should come to pass that all 21 of the additions be rubber-stamped, it would bring the number of board members at the WPP shop to more than 90, an absolutely staggering number for an agency with a total staff of just shy of 400 people. Any more nominations and the agency will be giving Michaelides & Bednash a run for its money as the owner of the biggest boardroom table in town.

If it happens, Diary is willing to lay a considerable bet on the board's first move - a reinstatement of toast privileges. JWT staff and keen readers will not need reminding of the brutality and swiftness with which they were removed under the agency's former managing director Mark Cadman's Spartan regime.