Diary: Willy warmers prove unpalatable at WACL

Embarrassment all round at last week's WACL dinner at the Savoy.

First Tiger Savage, M&C Saatchi's head of art, delectable as ever in a little black number, sauntered into the wrong room on arrival. As a result, she found herself enjoying a free drink while raising the sap of some elderly members of the British Wood Pulp Association.

Meanwhile, WACL members and guests were having their education broadened by the contents of their goody bags - raspberry-flavour willy drops, bite-me-buttocks chocolates and a willy warmer in the shape of a horse's head which neighed when pressed.

The unusual largesse came courtesy of Jacqueline Gold, the Ann Summers chief executive and the speaker for the night. And what a ballsy lady she proved to be.

The former Boots marketing chief, Ann Francke, asked her what she thought the impact on Ann Summers would be of Boots' decision to sell sex toys.

"Boots?" Gold replied disdainfully. "Surely you only go there when you get ill."