Diary: Win a date with Sorrell in Nabs and Harvey's raffle

Normally, raffle prizes tend to fall into the "something I didn't particularly want" category. Things such as cakes baked by Women's Institute members, bottles of no-brand whisky, signed copies of Jordan's book ... that sort of thing.

So those in the advertising and communications industry will hardly be able to contain themselves when they hear that a Nabs fundraiser could be about to offer up arguably the ultimate raffle prize - Sir Martin Sorrell.

Thanks to an advertising undergraduate from Bucks University, you could win lunch with Sorrell, and numerous other adland luminaries, this summer.

The "Year of the Lunches" money-raising scheme is the brainchild of student Tim Harvey, who is in negotiations with Nabs about setting up the fundraising scheme and has already lined up the WPP chief executive.

Harvey and Nabs are still ironing out the final details and logistics - presumably, issues such as where the lunch will be, who will be picking up the bill and whether the winner will have to call his dinner date "Sir Martin".

But with Sorrell in the bag and the prospect of other advertising executives jumping at the chance to tell raffle winners all about themselves, Diary cannot see how this can fail to be a money-raising success for the advertising charity.

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