DIARY: Winner wades in with advice as Hornby ties the knot in some style

Picture the scene. You're getting married. You've managed to keep your nerves in check. The bride, who arrived on time, is looking beautiful. The best man has remembered the ring. The guests are, on the whole, well behaved, and, so far, there've been no fights, and no embarrassing speeches by drunk family members.

Just as you've fooled yourself into thinking that everything is going to plan, what should happen? Yes, you've guessed it - Michael Winner gatecrashes the event.

This occurred during the wedding of Clemmow Hornby Inge's Johnny Hornby and HHCL/Red Cell's Clare Griffiths last Saturday.

Being a local resident, Winner had noticed the wedding party chin chinning on the lawns of Holland Park. Upon hearing that they were celebrating the union of two advertising thoroughbreds, Winner felt duty bound to offer the happy couple some top tips on how to make ads as good as those he created for Esure.

The man who calls himself "advertising agencies' worst nightmare" (Close-up, p19) was in prestigious company. The guestlist read like a who's who of advertising. TBWA's European head honcho, Paul Bainsfair, and his UK managing director, Jonathan Mildenhall, were joined by Tiger Savage, Steve Henry and Ben Langdon.

While Winner would have had something to say to each of them, his most salient advice was no doubt saved for the current IPA president, Stephen Woodford, who had appeared Pope-like to offer his blessing.

Things got even stickier for the bridegroom during the best man's speech, when Carphone Warehouse's Charles Dunstone treated the guests to pictures of a youthful Hornby looking, how shall we say, a wee bit effeminate.

By that time Winner had had his fill. Rumour has it that, upon leaving, he gave the bride's choice of menu full marks. And when security challenged him about his gate- crashing exploits, he said: "Calm down. It's only a Diary story. I'm actually a very good wedding guest."