Diary: Wired staff prove that even lab rats are honest

The staff at Wired magazine could be forgiven for feeling a bit like lab rats lately. The powers that be at the soon-to-be-launched Conde Nast title have been conducting a behavioural test on their unwitting employees.

Staff were asked to drop 25p into a tin box in the office kitchen each time they used an espresso sachet from the coffee machine.

A week later, a picture of a pair of eyes was stuck on the kitchen wall. The aim of the test was to see whether people would be more honest if they thought they were being watched, if only by a harmless picture.

But the test fell apart as the Wired staff proved way too honest and the tin was in profit. They were paying over the odds for their coffee, even before the eyes were pinned to the wall.

The staff, who obviously place a lot of value on a good espresso, must be as wired as the contents of their mag after all that caffeine.