DIARY: Wise's 40 years at BT get him noticed in EC1

Do you remember what job you were doing when Marilyn Monroe died and the world endured the Cuban Missile crisis?

Well it wouldn't be hard for Colin Wise, BT's head of advertising - since 1962 he has only ever worked at the telecoms giant. And having reached the 40-year milestone, the man behind the ET work and "it's good to talk" starring Bob Hoskins found himself on the receiving end of his very own campaign this week.

Coming to work on Tuesday, Wise was faced with advertising featuring himself in Chancery Lane Underground station, six-sheet posters on bus stops and a chap on an adbike wearing a sandwich board who popped up at all his meetings during the day.

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO designed the posters and Outdoor Connection organised the work.