Diary: World Cup makes Bruce tabloid regular

Throughout the World Cup, the face, and name, of Bruce Crouch has been prevalent in much of the English press while supporting his son Peter.

In one of his columns, the Daily Mirror's Oliver Holt wrote touchingly of how it was "impossible not to like" Bruce and his wife Jane. And how during a train journey from Baden-Baden to Cologne, they talked of the effect that allowing journalists to interact with the England players' parents had had. So enamoured was Holt with the Crouches that he revealed how he decided to rewrite his copy to avoid calling Peter Crouch a "beanpole" striker to avoid upsetting them.

However, more fame was to come Bruce's way. It was not reported just how much fun he had with the now-infamous WAGS (wives and girlfriends), but this picture, printed in the 10 July issue of the Daily Mail, shows the agency head surrounded by drunken and cavorting females, while out on another of their massive benders at Garibaldi in Baden-Baden.

But to be fair to Crouch senior, he does look slightly unimpressed by events taking place behind him. Although, maybe this is because something in front of him has caught his attention.

And in a busy couple of days, Bruce also featured in the News of the World's splash on 9 July, about the alleged actions of his son's girlfriend, Abigail Clancy - playing his most prominent part yet. He was named in the story as being the person who rebuked the naughty girl for living the high life and sent her home. Quite right too.