Diary: Writing is on the wall for Metro's famous clients

Regular readers may be bemused by Diary's fascination with the magazine People Management. But, before you question the relevance of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's title to these pages, hold your judgment. The 13 January edition carries a feature on the freesheet Metro's great reputation for staff training and development.

Accompanying the cover story is a large colour picture of the company's head of talent, Lara Ashworth, and its managing director, Steve Aukland.

But it's what's in the background that is really interesting - a wall covered with the sales team's achievements, including advertisers' bookings and their fees. If you can't quite work out what's scribbled on "The Success Wall", here's a few snippets.

Orange glossy, 450,000 copies, £125,000; Capital coverwrap, £50K; solus London Marathon activity from Adidas @ £100,000 are just a few juicy tips rival media owners and agencies might be interested in. "More," we hear you cry. Oh, go on then. Loot eight-page London feature and fractional ads, £110,000; Barclays sponsoring a national finance feature, £70,000; Nissan £50,000, first time in Metro.

There is, of course, a chance Metro designed the wall especially for the shoot, fabricating the figures for appearance's sake. But Diary thinks this highly unlikely.

Feel free to correct us on this one.