Diary: Writing's on the wall for the cost of heading east

Since moving to London's trendy East End to be nearer the creative community, Wieden & Kennedy has found itself, on numerous occasions, forced to paint over pointless graffiti that appears on the agency's building on a regular basis.

However, the company was recently faced with more than the average piece of graffiti, when a huge Banksy-style artwork was painted on scaffolding outside the agency's entrance.

The piece, which was created by the graffiti artist D*Face, appeared on the side of some scaffolding erected by builders working on W&K's roof extensions.

It featured a collage of brand logos including McDonald's, Burger King, Coca-Cola and, more importantly, Nike, fashioned into a large peace sign above the line: "What wars are for."

Diary wonders how W&K's biggest client might feel if it turned up to see its world-famous swoosh included in a huge anti-capitalist statement on the side of its agency. Needless to say, W&K's painters quickly got to work getting rid of it.