DIARY: The WWF panda gets legless to encourage Christmas behaviour

While the first many employees know about their Christmas party is an e-mail informing them of the time and place of the canapes and chardonnay, the folk at WWF have indulged in a bit of artistic licence to get the point across.

Showing they're not shy of poking a bit of irreverent festive fun at the charity's expense, their iconic panda - the symbol recognised across the world - has turned into a booze-fuelled reprobate.

"WWF is campaigning for even more enjoyment at this year's bash, and your contribution is vital," the party invite states, alongside a pissed panda in various comatose positions.

"WWF - Taking action for a great party," the invite exhorts. And like every party animal, the inebriated beast has even secured a trophy traffic cone.