Diary: YoungGuns Awards show ad is virgin on the taboo

The adage "sex sells" is almost as old as advertising itself, but trust the Aussies to take the idea further than anyone else would dare.

A fold-out insert attempting to convince adlanders to enter the Australian YoungGuns Awards, a competition for creatives aged between 18 and 30, hit Diary's desk this week, and had the normally hard-nosed hacks wincing a little.

As the awards are likely to be the first a creative will be entered into, the ad's strategy is to play up the fact that they are awards "virgins".

The front of it shows a picture of a schoolgirl, resplendent with red lollipop and uniform, sitting on a bus. Written in children's handwriting on the seat next to her are the words: "I'm worried if I enter multiple categories people will think I'm an awards slut."

After that appetiser, the double entendres become even more brazen on the reverse side. Next to the awards categories are scrawled such pearls as "If I get money from my first time, do I go from virgin to whore?", "I want it so bad it hurts. A single one won't satisfy me!", and: the cherry (ahem!) on the cake, "Could I even handle something this big for my first time?"