Diary: Zane hogs the limelight at Farm's super shindig

Farm learned a valuable lesson this week. No matter how many lavish treats you offer people at a party, if a celebrity turns up, your efforts will all be overshadowed.

The agency, which merged with Leith last year, has moved into swish new offices near Warren Street. To celebrate, it invited its staff and friends to have a look around and stay for a well-planned soiree.

As well as free booze, three floors of music, a comedian and a burlesque dancer, there was a hog roast out in the courtyard. So far so good.

That was until a rumour began circulating that the actor Billy Zane had just entered the building.

Suddenly, three floors of revelry emptied of females as they dashed to find, and have their picture taken with, Mr Kelly Brook. As our picture shows, a few blokes, such as Farm's head of TV, Dave Clark, also availed themselves of the chance to pose with the part-time Hollywood celeb. Worried boyfriends and other menfolk were appeased though, when they realised that, because of Mr Zane, there was no longer a queue for the roasting pig.

A visit from a star wasn't the only problem Farm has faced in its new building. Last Monday, the agency literally found itself out in the cold as, frustratingly, the only doors the building does have - the ones that let you in and out - wouldn't open.