Talk about sacrificing the world's trees for no good reason. The good people at Cream The Magazine, or rather at Linda Land Public Relations, saw fit to bombard Campaign with no fewer than six versions of the same press release last week. Pouring out of fax machines, smuggled in anonymous brown envelopes, they eagerly announced the imminent arrival of this hip new style bible promising 'a fresh slant on life, intelligent and entertaining'.

Unfortunately, nowhere in the copious pages of briefing was it specified that Cream The Magazine had nothing to do with Cream The Nightclub - the famous rave-fave in Liverpool with the strange swirly emblem. It was left to a lonely, solitary fax to announce that the magazine, due to launch on 7 March, would now be changing its name to Ampersand to avoid confusion with said scouse dancefloor.

Makes you wonder if the publishers of D&AD's magazine of the same name have received any Linda Land press releases this week.