Everyone knows that a good brand is a clearly defined thing. So it never ceases to surprise Campaign's team why so many branding consultancies come up with so much impenetrable guff.

And there just seem to be so many perpetrators of this crime at present.

But, aside from the newly named Accenture or even Consignia, the top prize has to go to a letter leaked to Campaign last week. In it, a certain Eric Arnson, the principal of the newly merged McKinsey/Envision Branding Practice, is informing Envision clients of the merger.

Initially, he talks of the name of the new entity (its clumsiness places it in the first stage of the branding process). Then he gets on to what attracted McKinsey to Envision, and he falls into a quagmire of wooliness: 'They, in turn, valued our proven track record, effective proprietary processes and tools and our blend of empirical logic with creative magic.'

So, that's clear as mud then